Vital Congregations Revitalization Initiative (VCI)

The Revitalization Initiative is a two-year covenant relationship between Presbyteries and the PC(USA) to prayerfully walk with pastors and existing congregations in intentional efforts of revitalization. Year I builds authentic relationships of faith. Churches will embark on an honest assessment, capturing their unique stories, confessing their realities, and discerning the Spirit’s call to action. From 7 Marks of Congregational Vitality, churches will determine a course between 3 Actions:

  1. Re-forming churches—re-envision and change how we are church together through the 7 Marks of Congregational Vitality
  2. Missional Clustering churches—revitalize by clustering congregations into new communities of worship and ministry
  3. Death and Resurrection churches—revitalize by grace and gratitude in the death and legacy of a congregation, in witness to the resurrection 

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