Part-Time Under 18 Ministry Team Facilitator

Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church (WCPC)
Part-Time Under-18 Ministry Team Facilitator

Job Description:

Partner with Youth, Tween, Children, and Mission ministry teams in an administrative “behind the scenes” capacity. WCPC is seeking someone with a love for Christ, children, and mission, who is not there to design or implement a program, but to assist church staff and congregation members called to lead that work.

Responsibilities and qualifications to include:

1.      Attend staff, Youth, Tween, Children Ministry Team meetings. Attend Under-18 biannual planning meetings and maintain an overall calendar to keep group events cohesive across the spectrum. Direct any issues, notifications, or problems to staff or committee heads as appropriate.

2.      Assist each team in keeping budgetary items in the proper accounts.

3.      Maintain schedules and deadlines for camps and conferences and keep track of all necessary paperwork associated with mission outreach and church camps.

4.      Send weekly notification to participants and parents, be responsible for any necessary publicity (printed or digital), liaise with appropriate volunteers to update web site, track youth and tween attendance, gather newsletter information for WCPC receptionist, and update general participation forms for parents and students.

5.      Assist with purchases of curriculum and supplies as deemed necessary by Children, Tween, and Youth Committees.

6.      Work closely with the Director of Children’s Ministry, the Mission Outreach Facilitator, and other WCPC staff and Committee chairs.

7.      Computer skills, including but not limited to social media literacy (such as Facebook, Twitter), ability to maintain church website, social media accounts, sending out and responding to e-mails, coordinating group texts for Youth events, and knowledge of  WordPress software utilized by church.

8.      Track hours and activities and communicate to Youth, Tweens, and Personnel Committees as appropriate; the position is intended to be a 20 hour/week part-time position.

9.      Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

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Posted February 16, 2017.


Part-Time Sound & Media Technician

Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church (WCPC)
Part-Time Sound & Media Technician

WCPC is seeking a part-time Sound & Media technician for worship services and occasional events, such as weddings and memorial services.  The specific position responsibilities include:


1.      Operate sound system every Sunday: From September to May, two services 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.; Summer worship - one service at 10:00 a.m. and setup time depends upon nature of service and music involved. Majority of Sundays – operational mics include pastors, pulpit and one handheld wireless mic. Occasion setup for musicians needed. Setup time varies from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Winter/Fall hours on Sundays are 8:00 a.m. to 12:30/1:00 p.m. and Summer hours are 9:30 to 12:00. 

2.      Record each service. Setup time 2 minutes. Start recording and end recording at beginning/end of service, following postlude.

3.      Rip CD track to computer for digital storage. Use iTunes to RIP CD track following specified name format to ensure consistent storage. Time to complete task is approximately 15 minutes from inserting CD into computer to begin ripping CD.

4.      Make sure sufficient supply of batteries and CDs are available and coordinate with office personnel as supplies are needed.

5.      Make sure all equipment is functioning. Task time depends upon equipment. Estimate time is 30 minutes weekly.


1.      Service Liturgy: use MediaShout program to setup and input the service liturgy for particular service. Setup and task time is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours depending upon length of service. Preparation time is approximately 10 minutes, which includes reviewing liturgy bulletin. Occasionally a hymn will need to be fully typed out and loaded into database for future use which is factored into the setup and task time.

2.      Announcements: use MediaShout to coordinate through Announcement Deck in program to run announcements. Each announcement is a single slide identical to the slides used for liturgy service. Setup time and prep time is less than 5 minutes per slide when the actual media is available. If an announcement has to be created from scratch, time to complete a single announcement slide is approximately 15 – 30 minutes depending upon the complexity of the announcement.

3.      Operate MediaShout during worship services (hymnal lyrics, Bible reading and other media projected during worship).  Media shout is a simple system to operate once open - space bar advances through slides.


1.      The screens are updated with the application MagicInfo Express. This program can be installed and used on any computer, so long as the computer is on the same network as the monitors. The application is currently installed on the Sanctuary computer.

2.      Task time to update and verify current announcements is approximately 1 hour a week. This includes removing announcements which have expired and inserting new announcements then verification of announcements being transmitted to each of the monitors.

3.      Occasionally images provided for announcement require editing in order to appear correctly on the monitors through the campus. This is because the formatting for the projectors and the monitors is different. Editing time is usually between 5 – 15 minutes for the image.


A strong aptitude for PA systems (PA board, microphones, cables, floor monitors), hearing assist audio systems, computer hardware and software is required. 

The position hours are approximately 9-10 hours/week, with summers being less hours with a single service, and winter / fall seasons being heavier with 2 services and focus on Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Week and Easter.  We have occasional weddings, memorial services, and music events as well - mostly on Saturdays.

For more information about The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church, please visit: To apply, contact Chris Liddell at

Posted February 16, 2017.


Director of High School Discipleship

Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church of Austin, TX is seeking a full-time Director of High School Discipleship. WHPC strives to make disciples who are authentically walking with Jesus in the context of Christian community.  

 The Director of High School Discipleship will work alongside a great team consisting of the larger church staff, youth staff, ministry volunteers and leaders, student leaders, and parents.

Qualifications for this position are:

●      A commitment to the Christian faith and to serving God through the faith formation of both high school students and families.

●      Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree is preferred.

●      At least three years of significant, successful experience in developing high school ministry in a medium or large congregational setting.

●      Proven success in the recruitment, development and management of a significant number of volunteers.

●      Experience required to manage and maintain a vibrant high school ministry in a large congregation, including program leadership, administration, vision.

Please send resume's and cover letters to Kyle Bender,

Published 1/9/2017