Resources for Pastors and Committees

Calling a Pastor

Administrative Commission for Ordination and/or Installation Request

Authorization for Background Check

Calling a Designated Pastor or Designated Associate Pastor

Commissioning Service for the PNC

Contact and Clearance - Definitions and Process for PNC's

Designated Pastor Phases Chart


Instructions for Putting Ministry Information Form online

Instructions for Entering MIF Details

Ministry Information Form (Blank)

On Calling a Pastor

Outline for Calling an Associate Pastor

Pastoral Call Form

Pastoral Relationships

PNC Packet

Shared Pastoral Leadership

Transition Team Guidelines

Understanding Effective Salary (Board of Pensions)

Temporary Pastoral Relations

Interim Pastor Packet

Rationale for Use of an Interim Pastor

Five Tasks of an Interim Pastor

Temporary Pastor Contract

What a Congregation Can Expect from and Interim Pastor

Pastoral Relationships for Congregations in Transition

Compensation and Contracts

Annual Review Report – (When No Change in Compensation)

Compensation Report 2018

Compensation Worksheet 2017

Contract Commissioned Ruling Elder

Contract NCD Pastor

Minimum Terms of Compensation 2017

Temporary Pastor Contract (Interim, Stated Supply, Parish Associate)

Understanding Effective Salary (Board of Pensions)


Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship

Agreement of Dissolution with Continued Benefits

Agreement of Dissolution with Continued Benefits - Korean Version

Agreement of Dissolution with No Continued Benefits

Dissolution of Conflicted Ministry

Involuntary Dissolution of Call Minimum Terms

Retirement Guidelines, Announcing

Separation Ethics for Ministers and Church Members

Transition Checklist when a Pastor leaves

When a Pastor Leaves


Closing a Church

Process for Dissolution of a Congregation

When to Initiate Conversation about Dissolution of a Congregation


Teaching Elder Resources

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Behavioral Ethics and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Annual Report - Temporary Relationships

Annual Report – Honorably Retired

Annual Report – At Large or Validated Ministry

Annual Report Commissioned Ruling Elder

Annual Review Report – (When no Change in Compensation)

Behavioral Ethics and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Boundary Issues Training

Candidate Indebtedness Policy

Guidelines for Laboring in and Out of the Presbytery

Guidelines for Particular Benefits

Guidelines for Evaluations


Maternity/Paternity Leave Guidance

Minister Membership

Minister at Large

Minister From Other Denominations

Parish Associates

Policy on laboring in out of bounds

Professional Development Policy – Unused Funds

Professional Development Policy

Sabbatical Leave Policy for Ministers

Temporary Pastor In Discernment Procedure

Validation of Ministry Beyond the Congregation


Guidelines for Immigrant Pastors

Religious Workers Fact Sheet

Religious Workers Progress Chart