FPC Houston vs The Presbytery of New Covenant

On February 27, 2015, our General Council approved the pursuit of an appeal of the Summary Judgment decision in the lawsuit with First Presbyterian Church of Houston.  Legal expenses for the appeals process and beyond are already covered in the attorney fees we have paid.    The Summary Judgment decision was made on Friday, February 17.  This was a difficult decision for the council members as they seek to be faithful to Jesus Christ and to do the right thing for the Presbytery of New Covenant.  Council members expressed the necessity of our upholding our constitutional responsibility in seeking this appeal.  Tax deductible contributions to the presbytery to defray these legal expenses will be gratefully received.  Our motion opposing Summary judgment and the Summary Judgment are in the list below:

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church vs the Presbytery of New Covenant

The members of General Council have agonized over these matters and grieve the necessity of spending resources (money, time and energy) on civil litigation that could be better spent furthering God’s Kingdom.  General Council prays that God grants a resolution of these legal issues before any further resources are spent by all parties. 

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church (“MDPC”) filed suit against the Presbytery of New Covenant and the PCUSA on March 7, 2016.  MDPC seeks declaratory judgment that the Trust Clause in The Book of Order does not create an enforceable trust or property interest in favor of the Presbytery or Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 

Windwood Presbyterian Church vs the Presbytery of New Covenant