Tuesday Connect

Tuesday Connect is presbytery’s weekly e-newsletter sent to all who subscribe to it. You may subscribe to it on the homepage of this site. Its purpose is to build community within the presbytery by keeping our congregations and partner organizations informed in a very timely manner.

Each announcement is short and concise (50-100 words), possibly with a link to more information on a website. Prayer concerns are listed each week. Send information (may include links, photo, logo) to at any time. Deadline is noon Mondays.

Recipients may Unsubscribe at any time.

Past issues are archived for approximately two years. They may be accessed through the Stay Connected box near the bottom of the homepage of this site.


New Covenant Connections is the presbytery’s newsletter that publishes reports and articles about the mission and ministry of the presbytery and its congregations. It reaches 1,800 ministers, church professionals, elders, and presbytery committee members, as well as countless others who read it on the presbytery website. You may access Connections through the Stay Connected box near the bottom of the homepage of this site.  It is published bimonthly in even numbered months.

Contact Lynn Hargrove to submit an article or for more information.  Deadline is the second Tuesday of the month before the issue date.  

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Postlude is publication published after each presbytery meeting and sent to all Commissioners at the meeting, all pastors, and all clerks of session. Its purpose is to help Commissioners report to their session and congregations what occurred at the presbytery meeting.  It can be found in the column on the right of this page.

Deadlines and Guidelines for Presbytery Publications