Presbyterians have begun to rally around the call to “Grow Christ’s Church Deep and Wide.” A new challenge has emerged from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders: a decade-long push to grow the denomination deeper and wider than most members may ever have imagined. The goal: 1,001 new Presbyterian worshiping communities in the next 10 years. It’s a dramatic proposal for the denomination!

1001 New Faith Communities: An initiative for igniting new expressions for Church

Article in Presbyterians Today

Starting New Churches: A Process of Discernment – outlines a series of 17 gatherings with assignments and steps a team could complete that take you from zero to a new church.

Grant Guidelines and Applications


Our New Church Developments

Amigos – Rev. Aurelio Rodriguez
Amigos is a Spanish-speaking Bible Study/worship opportunity centered in homes in the Katy area that is not served by any Hispanic Presbyterian churches. Amigos is New Covenant’s first recipient of a grant from the 1001 New Worshiping Communities initiative.

Bellaire Vietnamese NCD – Pastor Daniel Nguyen
Worshipping at First Presbyterian, Sugarland, the congregation offers ESL, computer literacy, and citizenship classes. A shared meal is a weekly feature of the NCD’s life.

Bitsarang Woodlands NCD – Rev. Ui Sik Cho
The Bitsarang congregation is worshipping at The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church in the Woodlands.  

Brazilian NCD 
Brazilian Presbyterian, reaches the Portuguese-speaking population in the Houston area. They meet at Korean Central Presbyterian Church, Houston.

Iglesia Latina NCD
Iglesia Latina is a Spanish-speaking church plant in the Heights. The church is increasingly connected with its community and is partnering with Restoration Fellowship to reach out to those in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Small groups meet every other week, offering parenting education and support. Classes are also offered for new disciples and there is a monthly visitation program in which members participate.

Love Vietnamese Presbyterian – Hien Nguyen
This growing Vietnamese fellowship, is growing strong in their faith through regular worship, prayer meetings, and teaching the basics of faith in Christ. They are learning how to share the gospel with others through visits to nursing homes, the Vietnamese market and the culture around them. This fellowship helps people learn English, pass citizenship tests, or even go to the hospital. 

Restoration Fellowship – CRE Bob David
Restoration Fellowship welcomes people in recovery and relates to their particular needs for support. The 12-step program encourages participants to develop a spiritual life, but many recovering alcoholics and/or addicts do not feel accepted or comfortable in traditional churches. The small fellowship, which meets at Iglesia Latina Presbyterian, relates to their needs and supports them in their recovery.

Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer NCD – Ebenezer Darko Boateng, evangelist
A group of Presbyterian Ghanaian immigrants are currently worshipping at 6298 Highway 6 South, Houston 77083. Pastor Boateng is ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Churches who wish to support the ministries of any of our NCDs may check with the Presbytery for status updates and additional information.


Mission Program Grants
In partnership with congregations, presbyteries and synods, Mission Program Grants provide short-term, start-up funds for New Church Development, support to presbyteries in their work of continually transforming existing congregations, and for the establishment of 1001 New Worshiping Communities.

1001 New Worshiping Communities Grants
These grants are intended to support operating/program purposes such as salary and benefits, insurance, rent, educational materials, etc. These grants are limited to new worshiping communities that are related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), located within the United States and Puerto Rico and established no earlier than July 2010.

1001 New Worshiping Community “Seed” Grant
New Worshiping Communities may apply for a one-time Seed Grant of up to $7,500.

1001 New Worshiping Communities “Investment” Grants
Six months after receipt of a Seed Grant, a one-time Investment Grant of up to $17,500 is possible. Proposals will be considered only after the approval and completion of a 1001 New Worship Communities “Seed” Grant.

The Sam & Helen R. Walton Award Nominations
The Mission Development Resources Committee offers an opportunity annually to congregations, presbyteries, and synods to nominate new church developments that are working in creative ways to bring the gospel to their local communities.  Those chosen will receive a one-time financial award of up to $50,000. Applications must be received in the Office of Mission Program Grants by January 31 of each year.

First-Level New Church Grant

Second-Level New Church Grant

Presbytery Grant for Congregational Transformation
This grant is intended to provide funding to presbyteries in support of their efforts to develop a process for helping congregations to begin and continue a transformational way of life.



Below are listed a number of ways the presbytery stands ready to assist congregations in the area of Evangelism & Church Growth.

  • Consultations – Volunteers and presbytery staff members are equipped to consult with congregations in the areas of congregational transformation, engaging the community, evangelism and faith sharing. To arrange a consultation, contact Mary Marcotte.
  • Stealth volunteers have been trained to visit congregations upon request. These Mystery Guests will not announce their coming, but will write a written report of what they experienced as they worshipped with you. To request a Mystery Guest, contact Mary Marcotte. 
  • Mystery Guest Form is in Our Filing Cabinet. 
  • Future Story – New Covenant leaders and Synod of the Sun leaders have worked through a process born in New Covenant to help congregations to better see themselves and their communities and dream a God-inspired future. The process is called Future Story; it enables sessions to grapple with current realities and to dream big, God-inspired dreams. If interested in learning more about the Future Story process, contact Mary Marcotte.

More information about Future Story is in Our Filing Cabinet.

  • MissionInsite – Discover your church’s ministry opportunities! MissionInsite provides web-access to demographic data for your church via the MI System. More information about using MissionInsite is in Our Filing Cabinet.
  • Engage – An evangelism approach called Engage is helping churches become relevant again. As congregations learn how to share their faith, they attract people to join them in following Jesus. Together they join in God’s mission of transformation in their neighborhoods and communities.

Introducing Engage
Engage: Go deeper
Engage booklet and videos

  • Starting New Initiatives – The purpose of this tool is to break ground for a renewed journey of bearing fruit – tilling the soil for new life and planting seeds. Sometimes we need first to break up the dirt that has been hardened.

Starting New Initiatives is a process of prayer, discernment, conversation and reflection for congregations to decide how they can best minister in their particular contexts.