Hurricane Laura Hygiene Kits | Download PDF

The Presbytery office will serve as a drop off location through September 25 during normal business hours, 9am-5pm, M-F. Please drop off completed kits and any left-over supplies you collect.

We ask that kits are put together prior to drop off. We will also make sure any extra supplies that could not complete a kit get to an agency that can use them.

If you are able to help deliver to sites in either DeRidder, LA or Sulphur, LA, please let me know.

Texas Congregational Disaster Response Trainings:

TX CDR is offering a number of in person and Zoom Trainings related to disaster response.

Training topics are:

  • Hosting Out of Town Responders
  • Laundry
  • Muck & Gut
  • Tarp & Board
  • Support Transportation
  • Chain Sawing
  • Compassionate Care
  • Pet Sheltering
  • Alert Media
  • Disaster Readiness Coordinator

Link to training descriptions, schedules, and registrations can be found here:

Houston Responds Information:

Here is a link to their site regarding supply drop off locations, needs, and volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, see the “Give Now” tab on the home page and enter an amount in Disaster Assistance, or you can send a donation to the Presbytery office.

Presbytery of New Covenant
4803 San Felipe St.
Houston, TX 77056

Thank you all for your continued support,

Jamie Hannan

Vital Congregations Revitalization Initiative (VCI)

The Revitalization Initiative is a two-year covenant relationship between Presbyteries and the PC(USA) to prayerfully walk with pastors and existing congregations in intentional efforts of revitalization. Year I builds authentic relationships of faith. Churches will embark on an honest assessment, capturing their unique stories, confessing their realities, and discerning the Spirit’s call to action. From 7 Marks of Congregational Vitality, churches will determine a course between 3 Actions:

  1. Re-forming churches—re-envision and change how we are church together through the 7 Marks of Congregational Vitality
  2. Missional Clustering churches—revitalize by clustering congregations into new communities of worship and ministry
  3. Death and Resurrection churches—revitalize by grace and gratitude in the death and legacy of a congregation, in witness to the resurrection 

To learn more, visit or contact Rachel Young at

No one should seek their own good, but the good of others. – 1 Corinthians 10:24

The decision on when to re-open for worship and other church activities is complicated. Each congregation has its own context. A church of under 50 has different circumstances that a congregation of 600 or more. Our congregations spread across 39 counties in Southeast Texas. Some counties have had more cases of COVID-19 diagnosed than others. One pastor said, “When I can make visits in the hospital again, we will consider reopening.” Another said, “With all of the precautions, and no singing, and no bulletins, while keeping our social distancing, it just isn’t worth it to gather at this time.”



April 1, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We received word yesterday that Gov. Abbot had given permission for churches to meet as an “essential service” to their communities.  Many might have heard that and thought “Oh, good, we can meet for worship.”  There were some caveats within the order.
The Committee on Ministry asked me during their meeting yesterday to send a letter about this.  You will find that letter attached to this email.  Please make good decisions for the health and well being of your congregations and yourselves!
Also, for those congregations experiencing financial difficulties, the presbytery is offering grants of $150 to pay for a year’s subscription to Zoom for a Pro level account.  Please subscribe, and then send me a copy of the receipt with information on who to reimburse and where to send a check.  
Thanks for all you are doing to care for God’s people during this stressful time!
– Lynn Hargrove

Resources for Congregations


Advisory Opinion Regarding Communion 

PC(USA) National Easter Service

About Livestreaming Worship 

How to meet by Zoom

Music Licensing

From Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Hymnal and Book of Common Worship Rights during Covid-19 Pandemic


Presbyterian Publishing grants rights to livestream or distribute photocopies anything in the hymnal ( Glory to God ) that is copyrighted by Westminster John Knox Press, which is around 30 hymns. Public domain hymns are always okay to use. But most copyrights are owned by others and we cannot speak for them. As of March 13, ONE LICENSE has  posted an announcement  about their response to the virus and gratis licensing is available through April 15. For more detailed information regarding the use of the  Glory to God  and 1990 hymnal during this time, please  download our fact shee t . Note that as the rights situation changes we will update this document.

Book of Common Worship

We’re happy to grant gratis permission for use of any  Book of Common Worship  material copyrighted by Presbyterian Publishing. To determine if the material is owned by another publisher, please check for three small initials immediately after the text. If no initials appear, no permission is necessary! If initials do appear, the copyright holder will be listed next to the corresponding initials in the acknowledgements section on pages 1152-1154.

How To Keep Being the Church When Church Is Cancelled

Applications for our presbytery’s 2020-2021 PYCC are now available!

Our Presbytery’s Youth Connection Council is a wonderful opportunity for young people to share their gifts and explore their leadership abilities.  Youth on the council work alongside adult members to design and lead fellowship, mission, and worship experiences for the young people of our presbytery. Through these events, this council seeks to deepen one’s faith and relationship with God as well as build relationships between youth and adults in our presbytery.
We are looking for…
  • Youth who exhibit a mature faith, potential for leadership, and a heart for service
  • Young people who have gifts and abilities for music, drama, worship, recreation, AV
  • Adults with a mentoring spirit, strong relationship with Christ, and who encourage others
Encourage them to apply TODAY for the 2020-2021 Presbyterian Youth Connection Council! Deadline is June 26th, 2020.

Our Filing Cabinet

Many useful documents and links are in Our Filing Cabinet to help you find just what you are looking for! Each folder listed on the following page contains documents, forms, flyers, manuals, articles and links related to the name of the folder.